From Ballet to Bar-B-Que, from small business entrepeneurs to the great city of Acworth, the commercials are co-written, directed, shot and edited by

J.D.'S Bar-B-Que / Acworth


"The most delicious commercial I ever shot." responsibilities included story creation, directing, all video and photography of delicious smelling food all morning, music choice, copy, and ending with devouring that meal at the end of the commercial.

Yes, it was as good as it looks. All video editing done in Final Cut.



A few years ago I became the Director of Creative for the cool, hippie, Atlanta-based, metaphysical niche paper, Aquarius, for almost 2 years. It was a blast. I got to re-brand, re-design, and market during that time.

Below is one of the videos I created for them.

This message was the mission and these people are legit, amazing humans that I was honored to get to know and work with.

Responsible for story development, directing, video shoot of interview of Keith Dykes and new owner of the AQ. branded Aquarius with the AQ icon, which is seen thru-out video. I made the search and decisions for all photography (John Lennon was my cover choice). I also searched long and wide for the "waves" video, and  music.

All text added and editing done in Final Cut.

The Flood Medics

The Flood Medics Introduce Major Flood.

"I sacrificed my house that Major Flood might live."

Responsible for character name and development, story creation, directing, video shoot, photography and Photoshop Manipulation, soaking my own house, music, text, and all editing. After the first commercial, we created a series of three additional commercials.  All video editing done in Final Cut.

Branding with Purpose Event Atlanta

Sharron Ragan Event Promotion

Responsible for brand development, story creation, background video editing, search/addmusic, work with voice talent, and all editing.  All video editing done in Final Cut.


Sweetheart Ball

Responsible for logo design, art creation, brand development, story creation, dancing with my granddaughter, background video editing, song choice, and all editing.  All video editing done in Final Cut.

Lambster Fly-Fishing Guide / Fly Tying Teacher

It's always fun and a beautiful day when I'm out with Steve "Lambster" Lamb. Magic always happens.