Profile Pictures, Business Card Headshots,

and Other Marketable Photos. 

This is usually pretty quick. We discuss locations and what you are looking for.

Then we create a plan.

Once we decide when, where, and why, we start the shoot. I require about 15 minutes to set up.

Then we spend 20-30 minutes to get ensure we are achieving the desired result.  


Painless Photoshoot - $85.00


Location Location Location

Photography by

A Digital Photo Album

A day or event shoot includes: 

Over 100 photos per session (up to 4 hours).

Several small videos throughout the session.

This includes tweaking and/or adding effects to up to 20 photos. 

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PLUS, you get a 2 - 3 minute digital photo album of photos and videos of the experience. This can be used for you to play over and over, and/or to share with others for years to come.